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On the one hand, you would like to keep your administrative obligations to a minimum, but at the same time you want to be in control. The solution? Administrative Office Broer! An administrative office based in Utrecht who has the knowledge and experience to support you and your company with all administrative activities. We ensure that your administration is efficient and correct and at the same time complies with all legal requirements so that you have all the time in the world to do what you do best: control your business! And, we are not only there for your business, we gladly help you with your personal financial administration and annual tax return as well!


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Who we are

Broer was founded in 2019 by Ronald and Erik van Uden. Two brothers, both with almost a decade of experience in financial services and with the ambition to start their own company together. The name Broer arose from the dutch word for brother, which is broer. It is derived from our fraternal bond and joint ambition, whereby B-bookkeepers, RO-Ronald and ER-Erik merged into BROER. And yes, this works both in English and in Dutch! We enjoy working with people, close and personal. We do everything we can to help our customers as best we can. With our knowledge, we help many entrepreneurs and individuals to meet their tax obligations. If you are looking for help or advice, we will of course be happy to help you!


Financial administration

Administratiekantoor Broer helps with your daily financial paperwork, reports, forecasts, balance sheet, income statement and your annual income tax retun. You have the freedom to supply all data per day, week, month, quarter or year. We work both digitally and through the proverbial “shoe box”.


Need help with tax matters? We are happy to help you with tailor-made advice regarding income tax, corporate tax and inheritance tax. We help both entrepreneurs and private individuals with their fiscal administration.


Of course you can also contact Broer for proper advice on various financial matters. For example, in choosing which legal form best suits your situation, investment schemes that may apply and / or the choice for a company or private car. You can contact us about various financial matters, both business related and private.

Behind Every Good Business is a Great Accountant

“I was looking for someone to completely take over my financial administration for my business. I was extremely happy with the excellent service of Broer. Fast, precice and personal. I immediately handed over my private administration as well for them to take out of my hands.”

Anne Veenstra

“For us as a small creative company, the service that Erik and Ronald provide is a perfect match for our administrative needs; what we can do ourselves, we do ourselves, everything we cannot do, Broer does it for us. This way we can keep costs low and, where necessary, receive excellent assistance, fast as well! Both brothers are very friendly and if we have a questions, they respond quickly and clear and help us when neccesary.”

Tim Louisse

“I was fortunate to find Administratiekantoor Broer in 2019: a professional services provider to which I was able to entrust all my accounting and international tax-related issues. They have provided remarkable support to me continually since then. They are responsive, hardworking, excellent with numbers, and extremely punctual. Their experience allows them to respond to all sorts of atypical questions whilst making things quite easy to understand. Without hesitation, I highly recommend Administratiekantoor Broer as an accounting business partner to any organization or individual, especially expats. It is very rare to experience that kind of service mindset and quality in the professional services sector in the Netherlands.”

Lilia Petkova
Business administration


Convinced of the benefits Broer can offer? Feel free to contact us for a non-obligatory intake or request an offer/tender.


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